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Wash Plastic Playing Cards

This same principle is not true for plastic playing cards, however. They can be washed completely, and it will not ruin or damage them in any way. If the spill has just occurred, the person should gather up the entire deck and run water over it. This may be enough for the juice to be rinsed away before it has a chance to grow sticky or tacky. The deck can then be used again. The user will just need to be careful to dry each card gently right away so that they do not stick together when the dealer is trying to distribute them to the players.

If the juice was spilled on the deck of playing cards the previous day, it will no longer be wet. Instead, it will probably be sticky. In this case, rinsing will not be enough. The person will need to fill the sink with soap and water. The entire deck can be deposited in the sink and allowed to soak for five to ten minutes. At the end of this time, each plastic card can be cleaned using a rag. The soap and water will break up the juice residue, and the rag will help to wipe it all away. They can then be rinsed and dried as discussed above, and they should be just as good as they were when they were brand new.

It is even possible to clean a plastic set if something that is slightly more solid was spilled on them. For example, a bowl of chili may have accidentally been upended onto the cards while they were sitting on the table. Perhaps no one even noticed that this happened for a few days, because everyone was gone for the weekend. The chili will have dried into a hardened mass, and all of the plastic playing cards will probably stick together so tightly that they will not want to break apart. The same tactics of soaking and washing with a rag can be applied. The soak time may be increased, however, due to the consistency.