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Video Games in Stress Relief

Many people frown on playing video games because they believe that it is counterproductive and it will result in a lot less work being accomplished. As long as they are used in moderation, they can actually increase productivity. Moderation is the key word here because it is very easy to get addicted to games and waste a lot of time. There is a very large difference between playing for hours on end as opposed to playing for a few minutes a couple times a day. Taking a break and using a different part of your brain for a little while can actually stimulate it in a way that will open it up to new ideas. Playing puzzle games has been shown to activate parts of the brain that can potentially help you think outside the box for other tasks.

There are tons of different options for games that you are able to play wherever you are. All the new developments in flash technology allow us to play incredible games with impressive graphics on the go. All you need is a flash-compatible device and the internet. The best aspect of these games is that they are usually completely free to play or just involve optional micro transactions for more serious players. The new unreal engine (games created with UDK 4) will now be playable from your browser which is truly astonishing. You may need a more powerful computer to play these games properly but it just shows the power of browser games in the current age.

There are also consoles that fit in your pocket such as PSP and the Nintendo DS that can keep you entertained even without an internet connection. Even tablets and most smartphones can support impressive graphics engines. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to gaming platform as well as their favorite genre of game. These titles can run you quite a bit of money after you’ve purchased the console and the various video games that accompany it. New games can be especially expensive and can cost up to $70 for a single title. The capabilities of these handheld devices are simply amazing now though and far surpass what was possible just a few years ago.

I am not saying that this is the only way to remove stress there are certainly tons of other ways to do it. I find playing video games incredibly relaxing myself. Some people like to go to the spa, play sports and others cope with television. We all need to let our mind wander every now and then to ensure we don’t get stuck in a boring repetitive loop. When life gets mundane you can spice it up with a new game and be in a new world within minutes.