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Metal Gear Solid V

When playing Metal-Gear Solid V, how you progress is totally up to you. Whether you want to be loud, stealth, lethal or non-lethal, you can play it the way you like. When you are departing from the overly-strict series, you will not be exclusively punished if you choose to utilize tactics that are more aggressive. In fact, you will have the freedom to use whichever methods you feel like employing.

Camp Omega has a lot of areas to explore both inside and outside. There are dangerous guard posts, drivable vehicles, locked doors that can be opened, secret tunnels as well as other different opportunities that you can capitalize on if you are an observant soldier. The base is under watch of a few soldiers who patrol around in jeeps and trucks, smoke breaks, chat with their colleagues and sometimes reveal important information.

If you are new to this game, it will not take long before you realize the length of details that the game is packed with as well as how the Fox engine it utilizes is able to create a true as well as open-ended mission experience. The Snake in this game has fluid movements and it is very easy to be in control of his stance, tackle foes hand-to-hand and engage in combat. It is also very easy to grab as well as decide what to do with guards. For instance, you can interrogate them or knock them out.

Stealth in this game has been reworked to make it provide visions cones and radars that are more clear. Your weapon as well as ammo will be the only screen indicators. It will take your observation to determine whether an enemy is able to see you. At such a point, there will be a small indicator that will show you how alert the guard on duty is. You can turn the indicator off if you are a hardcore player. These are some of the things that make playing Metal-Gear Solid V a refreshing experience.