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World of Warcraft Eternal palace Raid Runs

Why not go raid on Azshara! Once, one of the greatest creatures on the planet, a storehouse of intelligence, wisdom, now it is one of the despicable fiends of the underworld. Definitely worth to break her neck, in the name of goodness, light, and all that.

And how do these raids go?

Azshara is not for nothing called the raid boss and is still the most talented magician in the world, so first, you need to assemble a gang of 20-25 people. Then, together holding hands, you will go and kick this nasty naga’s ass. It does not always end well and you will have to stitch holes in your carcass and try again. You can always increase the difficulty, it will be even more fun.

What will I get from killing Azshara on normal difficulty?

If you decide that killing Azshara at the normal level of difficulty you will receive a significant reward – you are mistaken. Normal difficulty is the easiest, there is no serious reward. You will receive items of level 415+.

Why is it worth raiding with the guys from

These guys are true professionals! They organize raids every hour, starting from the first week. Their group consists of 20-25 selected thugs who understand how to knock on Azshara’s head so that it dies. If you complete the raid yourself, after killing the boss you will receive 2-3 items. To collect the desired set of armor, you will spend a lot of time in this way. And if you use the services of the best boost team, after killing the boss you will receive from 12 to 20 items. It also happened that it was possible to dress the client’s character completely in 1 raid run! For this, you need to pay extra, of course, but it is worth it! Just imagine, you get everything for 1 raid run. Cool, damn it.

Buy Eternal Palace normal run service now!

Visit their website, choose from two services: full gear boost or bis gear boost. If you choose the first service, you will receive absolutely all the equipment that can be obtained by killing the boss. This will take 4-6 attempts. When choosing bis gear, the client clearly selects the items he wants to receive, makes a list. By the time it is 4-10 attempts.

What is the best service?

Full gear is the best choice. It saves your money and time, you just get all the items in the shortest possible time. However, if you want to get certain items you have – this is not a problem. The guys from the bestboost team will get you what you need.

In addition to the above, you will receive:

  • professional players who quickly get you what you need
  • they do not use illegal programs
  • everything can be recorded on video or stream to a Twitch or YouTube
  • a large number of positive reviews on, more than 100

Do not hesitate, rather go to the site of the bestboost team and wear your character on TOP gear. Battle awaits!

Also, you can order power leveling world of warcraft when you want here:

Get Adena Quickly

Adena or the currency in Lineage II Classic is useful for carrying out activities such as forging, level up, combine, salvage equipment. To be honest in Lineage 2, looking for adena is hard so you should not waste it wisely. When you read the article how to get adena I know if you are already done for very expensive level up equipment, buy up the level of runes that need it because there is a lot because sometimes one to three times it increases it fails to finish the adena name. How to get adena actually is really hard, you know, this is a new game, so there is still no policy about Adena dropping, it’s crazy to get the most monsters can get 1-40 adena, even though sometimes we do not get it at all.

Buy at a cash shop

The easiest way to get Skelth Adena is from the cash shop, there are many choices of adena packages that we want to buy, some of which start from 20,000 adena to 800,000 adena, here we can buy adena with red diamond. However, if I it’s better, just use Red Damond, because unfortunately it is hard to get the red diamond. But for you, the sultan doesn’t need to worry okay! Just stay top up. Do you know the shop cash where?

Daily Login

There are two daily logins, namely a daily login that once enters and plays Lineage II Classic for 1 hour if the absentee is absent, the prizes can vary up to 200,000 adena depending on how we diligently play, while those who play 1 hour can get 20,000 every day at 00.00 AM. How to see the daily login, click on the image, there are three lines, then click quest, search daily login.

Adena dungeon

There is lineage 2 eu classic skelth adena dungeons where we can get dungeons when defeating monsters (dragons), we can choose various levels of difficulty ranging from easy to hard. The more difficult the adena will be, the more it will be influenced by our rank level in completing the mission, for example the entry into the dungeon is easy and successfully defeating the dragon with the SSS rank can get 110,000 if the SS rank gets 78,000 adena. How to get to l2 classic eu adena Dungeon Click on line three, continue to select the dungeon, select Adena Dungeon.

Daily Activity

Daily activity is our activity that must be completed, there is an attractive reward from the mission given by the developer and one of them is adena, adena here may be around 1,000 to 10,000 adena but it is good for installments to get lineage 2 adena eu classic skelth.

Selling items

Selling items in this game according to I is not really worth it, the problem is the price is very small, if for those of you who need it, you can sell items that you have different item prices, depending on the rank of the item. Example of rank C items at 50 adena, rank B is at 100 adena, Rank A is valued at 500 adena, S rank is 2500 adena, rank R is valued at 12,500 adena, above is I do not know the problem does not have items.

Info from:

Catch Caterpie in the Wild

Caterpie is a fairly easy Pokemon to capture in the games. Bring along flying types and fire types to cover yourself against it and always try to make sure to have False swipe to help bring their HP, hit points to one very easily.

One of the best ways to capture Pokemon is by using status effect moves on them. Capture a Pokemon like Butterfree or Venasaur and use moves like Sleep Powder on them to be able to easily put them to sleep. You can also use other Pokemon to help put them to sleep as such as well. Things like Hypnosis can be used by Pokemon named Gastly, Hypno, Gengar, and so on as well. Stun Spore is also an excellent move to use and utilize on a Pokemon to help capture it easier in the wild while playing Pokemon. A better move that has the same effect as Stun Spore which causes paralysis is a move named Thunder Wave. Lot’s of Pokemon can learn this move like Alakazam, Ampharos, Pikachu, Jolteon, and so on. If you are able to stun and paralyze your opponent then the act of capturing them becomes child’s play in that moment. The chances for catch rate and capturing the Pokemon increase significantly. The last possible decent methods for capture is possibly poison and maybe frozen here and there. Poison is generally not always recommended since this heightens the chance of the Pokemon being able to lose and faint before you can even capture it. The frozen status condition is very rare and difficult/hard to pull off so I would not rely on this condition to inflict a good and useful status condition on the Pokemon you wish to capture.

Be sure to always buy lots of Pokeballs to further progress capturing the Pokemon you wish to catch. Quick balls are always useful to throw on the first turn of a battle since that’s the higher success rate of usage for them. Next you can always spam Pokeballs for cheap to test the waters and see how hard it is to catch this particular Pokemon. Ultra balls and Great balls are always the best option for high success rate of any Pokemon in any general area. If at nighttime or in a cave Dusk balls are the way to go. And other good options are such like Net balls for Water and bug types and Heavy balls for heavy weighted Pokemon as well too.

Xbox One S

The design of the Xbox One S is derived with idea of being easier to handle. By this concept, they made this Xbox One S 40% slimmer than the latest Xbox One’s that have been released. Along with the sleek design comes the trimming down of accessories such as the power cord for the Xbox One which had a large ended power supply. This power supply has now been integrated internally in the console instead of being harnessed on the external power cord. To make things more competitive, the new Xbox One S has the ability to stand horizontally much like its competitor, the PlayStation 4, making a direct mark against this brand. The color of the Xbox One S is in a “Robot White” to bring a cleaner feel to this elegant design.

For Kinect users, which are used to the Xbox one having their Kinect port as part of the console, this has been a major change. The Xbox One S has no Kinect port and users that wish to use a Kinect will have to purchase an adapter in order to use this game experience on the Xbox One S. However, to replace this port, there is now a USB port on the front, with two in the back, and an IR blaster port in the front. For this reason, Xbox is currently offering a free Xbox Kinect Adapter for users that wish to connect their Kinect device.

The biggest feature improvement besides the sleek design is the support for 4K which previous models of the Xbox One did not support. Not only can you stream your favorite streaming networks on the Xbox One S, but you can also use its 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback. For more people looking for a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the player alone costs between $150-500. This console with all its features comes in at $399 which is only about $100 difference between the currently selling Xbox One that is on sale. To completely see the 4K Ultra details, the only missing component is a 4K Ultra television to view the details of the graphics.

The Xbox One S boasts its ability to handle 4K HDR visuals including a 2TB hard drive. Later models will come with the ability to purchase a 500BG or 1TB storage option which in essence will also change the pricing of this system when you go down in hard drive space. For users that care to scale down on the internal hard drive and scale up on an external hard drive, that option is still available with the Xbox One S which has a USB 3.0 HDD port, which is standard on current Xbox One models.

Parking Games

A significant growth in the number of those who love playing parking games for many hours has been noticed in the last few years. There are countless number of online parking games to select from. With each game, you will get a chance to learn unique parking skills and, of course, to have fun that you always seek for in an online gaming activity. There are three levels in parking games – easy, moderate and expert. The game continues getting tougher with passing each level of the game.

Out of all the ones available on different gaming websites, car parking games are the most popular ones. They will help you to learn the general pattern to follow. With playing such games, you can be rest assured of being aware about the essential techniques involved in the car parking. All these games generally come with three levels – a beginner level, medium level and an advanced level.

When you play a basic level, you will be required to park your car in a big-sized parking place between two other vehicles. A very tight spot is given to you to park your vehicle when you reach to the advance level to play. The performance of parallel parking, diagonal parking and 90 degree parking is must for each player no matter what kind of level you are playing right away.

Truck parking games are a little bit different from other parking games available online. Of course, you have to deal with some different parameters while opting for such games. Just check all the instructions properly before going to be engaged in such activity. A regular car gamer doesn’t get a chance to deal with a dimension of physics that he or she can enjoy while playing trailer trucks.

Apart from car and truck parking, bus parking games are also liked by a good number of online game lovers from all across the world. They are perfect to those who are used to operate big-sized four wheeler and keen to learn various aspects of parking. They provide users with a wonderful opportunity to learn while have fun. With bus parking 3D, you would feel that you are parking your real bus in a real-like bus parking spot.

Gameboy Games of All Time

Tetris Game Boy games

Most people would say that Tetris is a wonderful and clever game – and as easy as it is to learn and play it, it’s pretty hard to master. All one had to do was to place some shapes in some certain order so as to complete a kind of line that is automatically cleared, as if you were building puzzles from the very scratch, but each puzzle felt a little different. It was very understandable to new players and made people addicted to such an extent that it invaded their very dreams. Even with several different versions which have come in the past two decades or so, the original portable release was just as playable then as it is today.

Pokémon series Game Boy games

Considering Pokémon’s very long-lasting success, it is hard to imagine that there could exist a time when people thought this crazy Japanese critter catcher was just a passing craze. Whether one started with original Blue and Red release, or even later with Crystal, Yellow, Gold, Silver, or the myriad several other additions on the series, at a point in your life you have likely felt an urge to catch all of them.

The Legend of Zelda Game Boy games: Link’s Awakening

Link’s Awakening might be a rarity in the extent that it does not feature Triforce or Princess Zelda, but that does not detract one from the game’s own overall quality. Immediately after waking up some shores of some mysterious place named Koholint Island, Link starts a puzzle-filled challenge to collect a number of musical instruments that would awaken the huge sleeping Wind Fish and allow him to get to escape the Koholint Island. A 1998 DX version release updated this game’s graphics as well as expanded the quest and challenge with exclusive color-based dungeons. The game was so influential that Nintendo released the title covers as the initial entry in the 3DS’ virtual console.

Rayman Legends

Legends, initially developed as a WiiU exclusive, was frustratingly delayed by six months earlier this year when it was revealed it would be ported to rivals PlayStation 3, Xbox360 and PC via steam following disappointing WiiU hardware sales as a result more time was required to complete the transition. Though sad for WiiU fanatics the news is great for other systems owners who now have absolutely no reason not to play this brilliant game, which I’m happy to report is not only a worthy sequel but also surpasses the original in every aspect.

Naturally Legends shares the same basic foundations as it’s forbearer but, Ubisoft has wisely chosen not to simply copy and paste it success, instead iterating on almost every facet of Origins resulting in a experience that trumps its predecessor in every way whilst very clearly remaining part of the same series. The quirky yet spectacularly beautiful art style, spades of humour and fast paced challenging addictive gameplay all make their return making Legends feel right at home with the look and feel that Origins pioneered. All whilst implementing new mechanics, most notably Rayman’s old pal Murfy’s environment altering abilities, that develop enough individuality to make Legends feel fresh.

Like Origins Legends is set in the magical realm known as the glade of dreams. Ruled by the bearded benevolent bubble dreamer the plane of existence is home to a race of peaceful creatures known as the Teensies as well as series protagonist Rayman and his froggy friend Glowbox. As per the usual conventions disaster befalls the glade as the evil nightmares invade kidnapping all of the Teensies they encounter restraining them in steel cages or comically tying them to wooden poles. As expected the heroes are spurred into action as they embark upon a quest which weaves their travels through various inspiring locales in order to rescue the Teensies from their malevolent captors.

Unsurprisingly considering its heritage the glade of dreams in Legends is jaw droppingly gorgeous, being quick is integral to many sections of the adventure but the world is so time stoppingly pretty you can’t help but slow down to take it all in. It’s phenomenal to think that once again Ubisoft have successfully created an awe inspiring world full of captivating environments and intelligent level design that makesRayman Legends one of the most visually memorable titles in recent history. Initially I was concerned that the player character models on the upgraded Ubi-art engine losing their lustrous hand drawn art style would negatively impact Legends aesthetic value – I was dead wrong.

The environments and scenery retain their captivating 2D glory whilst the new 3D player character models are faithful to their 2D counter parts and don’t look even remotely out of place on the 2D plane. The new huge 3D modelled large scale bosses look incredibly impressive comfortably fitting into Rayman’s aesthetic. Animations are sublime too for players, Teensies, bosses and enemies alike – everything looks like a fantastical cartoon – watch enemies eyes pop out their skulls as they wince from a slap to the chops. Rayman’s world perfectly realises and captures such goofy antics with a satisfying near constant regularity. All of the antics are accompanied by Legends simply stellar soundtrack which excitedly bounds alongside the action.

The locales of the glade remain as diverse and exciting to explore as ever featuring a tantalising plethora of expertly crafted levels with widely varying inspiration and design. Refreshingly they’re no platforming tropes to be found, they’re no obligatory ice or fire worlds lurking behind closed doors. Instead players are treated to bizarre settings like a Mexican day of the dead festival themed land constructed entirely from food inhabited by skeletal mariachi band members. Mechanics are put to unique use with regularity too, for example sidekick Murfy might need to eat cake to clear a path in the world of food, whilst being utilized to cut down traps in a medieval land helping to further each world’s unique characteristics. The willingness to be creative when constructing such silly mash up’s makes progression a joy as you’ll never know what mad cap experience is waiting to jump out around the next corner- whatever it is it’s sure to crack a smile from even the sternest lips. Each world ends with an indescribably cheer inducing flourish too – which I won’t spoil.

Like Origins the stages are tackled in a traditionally Rayman manner, players run, jump, swim and slap their way through adversity to claim victory. All of these actions control exceptionally, everything is incredibly tight resulting in precise movement that is incredibly satisfying to learn, play and master. Throughout all my time with Legends I cannot think of a single instance where movement controls were to blame for my demise. Rayman’s answer to coins – lums – also make their welcome return. Like Origins collecting enough number of lums in a level awards players in game trophies, further to this a running total is now kept throughout the entirety of player progress, achieving certain mile stones unlocks new player skins. Additionally collecting enough lums in a level rewards scratch cards which have chance to award players yet more goodies.

The largest change to gameplay is the aforementioned re-introduction of Murfy – Rayman’s fairy friend from entries past. Murfy’s role is to assist the heroes by altering obstacles so they may overcome them; his implementation varies dramatically between the WiiU and other versions due to the WiiU gamepad. In co-op on WiiU the player with the gamepad assumes the role of Murfy, when the other player(s) reach an obstacle the gamepad wielder uses the touch screen to slide these obstacles out of the way. In solo play the players control shifts to Murfy whilst an AI controls the hero like co-op obstacles must be moved using the touch screen, frustratingly though the AI isn’t very bright and occasionally gets the hero killed in situations a human could easily handle. Murfy is also responsible for turning lums purple with a touch that makes each lum worth twice the value – again easy enough in co-op but this becomes difficult in solo play.

In the PS3, Xbox360 and PC versions no one directly controls Murfy, instead in levels that require his assistance his actions are mapped to a singular button press in both solo and co-operative play. In solo play this works far better than the WiiU’s AI workaround. Upon approaching an interactive point Murfy will hover around the area alerting players to its presence, tapping the button will start the interaction, timing the button press becomes part of the challenge as players control both their hero and Murfy in tandem. In co-op play this becomes a little more intrusive as all participants have access to Murfy causing some fumbling conflict when everyone starts mashing the button together.

It’s worth pointing out in neither solo or co-op did I even suspect this was a compromise for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions – it felt rewarding and completely natural. The same applies for lum gathering, lums glow purple and are worth twice the value so long as they collected in correct order rewarding players will skill and finesse. For those who prioritise solo play I’d recommend the PS3 and Xbox360 versions as Murfy features in a sizeable proportion of the stages that become more of nuisance when playing on WiiU. For co-operative play the WiiU’s gamepad controlled Murfy is an intuitive mechanic that outweighs the other versions simplicity at the cost of the solo experience.

The bulk of Rayman Legend‘s content is split into six brand new worlds consisting of roughly 9-10 story levels each. The progression follows a free form structure with plenty of opportunity to stray from the given path, rather than following the world map approach of its predecessor. Legends allows players to unlock levels by saving Teensies from captivity that are devilishly hidden in every stage. New content in later worlds regularly opens before earlier worlds are finished allowing progression to other levels should in the event of getting stuck. Legends in a friendly sort of way also labels each stages difficulty in skulls out of five to give players a head up before they start. As stages are cleared an extra level type begins appearing named “invasion”. The vast majority of the games stages have an invasion mode that features a significantly altered version of the original level that challenges players to clear them within a set time limit to save yet more Teensies. It’s happy break from the norm and some are fiendishly challenging but all of them are never frustrating.

If the vast amount of brand new story content wasn’t enough Legends also features a mode aptly named “return to Origins”. Within this mode the entirety of Origins has been slightly reworked to play nice with the new gameplay conventions making it a great chunk of content for both returning players and newcomers. All of the previously mentioned modes and stages can be tackled either solo or with up to four players in a fast paced manic co-operative multiplayer mode. The co-op feels very natural and unlike other games that attempt the same Rayman: Legends largely succeeds thanks to its lack of a lives system and overly generous checkpoints that make it a great for novices as well as advanced gamers.

Survival Horror Gaming Genre Heading

The decision to shift towards this style of game was made mainly due to the financial aspect of business. The game developers decided that if they made Dead Space 3 have a lot of action in the game, even at the expense of the horror elements, the game would sell more copies and overall be more successful than if they had just focused entirely on the survival horror aspect. What does this mean for the survival horror games as a whole is up for debate.

Many people need to realize that the survival horror genre has a relatively small fan base when compared to other genres of gaming. Developers have realized that if they want to make a game with survival horror elements they can capture the attention of this small niche of gamers. At the same time, developers can make a game with horror elements, but also have the game contain and even focus more on another more popular genre.

For instance, with Dead Space 3 Visceral Games had delved more into the action aspect of gaming, which in turn captured the attention of many gamers who had previously paid no attention to the survival horror genre. With this change the game was able to sell more copies, and appeal to a larger assortment of gamers, the future of survival horror gaming hangs in the balance.

Many survival horror gamers seem outraged at this recent realization, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. While many people were disappointed with the way Dead Space 3 turned out in regards to the survival horror feeling players once felt with the franchise, this change has allowed a large number of people who previously wanted nothing to do with this horror genre to try it out.

With this increase of fans to the survival horror genre, more and more developers may try to delve into this field. As a result we may eventually get more survival horror games being developed by the major game developers.

This idea of having more gamers interested in the horror genre may seem enticing and may sound like a great idea. The actual scenario may not be seen in an entirely positive light. It is no surprise that the horror genre is slowing down when looking at the major developers.

With titles such as Resident Evil recently turning into an action packed gaming franchise, and now Dead Space following in suit, these developers have been adding more action and less horror to their titles. This can be attributed to the fact that these developers are trying to make as much money as possible.

The problem these developers have is that they are advertising a survival horror experience, but providing an action oriented game. If these developers had wanted to sell as many copies as possible, they should come up with a new franchise and allow this new franchise to focus on the action aspect while keeping the old franchise intact.

Even though the major developers are not focusing as much on the horror aspect of gaming does not mean that this genre is dying out. Contrary to this belief, this horror genre is growing exponentially fast with the large number of independent developers that are releasing and working on survival horror titles.

These indie developers are releasing games that are growing tremendously well in popularity. Such titles include that of “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”, The soon to be released new “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs”, “Slender” and the large amount of sequels that are being, included with the large number of other horror indie games being released daily.

These games are growing in popularity, and as such more and more gamers are delving into the survival horror genre to try out these games. With this new change in attention, new developers are trying to emulate these successes that these independent developers have had.

Splatoon for Wii U

Although this game is a “shooting game” it is relatively benign. The game is rated E for everyone and this holds true in the game action. There is really nothing in this game that would cause concern for parents. My nine-year old picked it up very easily, learned the back story and got into the game very quickly. There are different shops to buy different guns and accessories which helps to keep the game fresh and engaging. The single player is challenging but did not seem to be too difficult, at least for a nine-year old. Since the game is marketed to young players it seems like they have hit the sweet spot for difficulty.

There does not appear to be an in-game chat option in Splatoon as there is in other games like Plants vs Zombies. The in-game chat can be a problem area for younger gamers as older gamers sometimes enjoy the game and do not filter their language in games with younger players. In Splatoon, there is no worry about inappropriate language or other interactions with other gamers.

I’ve even found the game to be entertaining to watch. It has funky music and is very colorful with somewhat androgynous characters. My son picked a character that to me looked like a girl but he was certain that was not long hair but rather drops of ink drooping down. I have found his interactions with the game to be quite imaginative.

World Of Warcraft

Dungeon Leveling A Primer

The concept of dungeon leveling requires that you run dungeons to gain the necessary experience to level. Occasionally you’ll level at such a high rate of speed that you will reach multiple levels in just one run. I’m sure that most of you know that dungeon leveling came into being via the dungeon finder. This was added through patch 3. 3 that found its genesis in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. What the dungeon finder does is to allow players from all the servers in a particular server group to band together and make a run in an instance. This further allows for players to locate groups in which they can run back to back instances, regardless of the time of day they make these runs. As you can see this information is for the initiated with rules and functionality of the game.

What Matters is Your Role in Party

What must be emphasized about dungeon leveling is that your role in the party is of utmost importance. There is little to no waiting time between dungeons for tanks and healers, however DPS find that there wait times can be much longer by as much as forty minutes in certain instances. This is largely dependent upon how many folks that are in your server group are lining up for dungeons that fall within your present range of level. Considering the relatively short wait times for tanks and healers its tempting for some player to join the queue as a healer or a tank. Doing this just to take advantage of the short waiting period is considered rude if you don’t understand what’s involved with taking on these roles. So it is imperative that you know what being a tank or a healers entails before you decide to join the queue as one.

Greater Gold Gains

Dungeon leveling has caught on for other reasons bringing additional rewards aside from speedy leveling. You have access to a better grade of loot. The loot dropped by the bosses in the dungeons is vastly superior to what you would find while out during solo questing.

Lest We Forget The Dungeon Quests

During dungeon leveling you’ll also have the opportunity to complete the dungeon quests. You will find dungeon quests are available in towns that are inclose proximity to the dungeon’s entrance. You have to complete the quest while inside the dungeon which means you are gaining experience by the multiple kills you are making. You also gain considerable experience when you turn in the dungeon quests later on. If you do not win the rolls on the great gear that dropped while you are inside the dungeon, you can be enthusiastic about the rewards gear you get for having completed the dungeon quest is of higher value than what you might have gotten from any solo quest. Well there’s your brief foray into the World of Warcraft dungeons, I hope you gained a little more insight to what it takes to master the dungeons.