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Monthly Archives: July 2019

World of Warcraft Eternal palace Raid Runs

Why not go raid on Azshara! Once, one of the greatest creatures on the planet, a storehouse of intelligence, wisdom, now it is one of the despicable fiends of the underworld. Definitely worth to break her neck, in the name of goodness, light, and all that.

And how do these raids go?

Azshara is not for nothing called the raid boss and is still the most talented magician in the world, so first, you need to assemble a gang of 20-25 people. Then, together holding hands, you will go and kick this nasty naga’s ass. It does not always end well and you will have to stitch holes in your carcass and try again. You can always increase the difficulty, it will be even more fun.

What will I get from killing Azshara on normal difficulty?

If you decide that killing Azshara at the normal level of difficulty you will receive a significant reward – you are mistaken. Normal difficulty is the easiest, there is no serious reward. You will receive items of level 415+.

Why is it worth raiding with the guys from

These guys are true professionals! They organize raids every hour, starting from the first week. Their group consists of 20-25 selected thugs who understand how to knock on Azshara’s head so that it dies. If you complete the raid yourself, after killing the boss you will receive 2-3 items. To collect the desired set of armor, you will spend a lot of time in this way. And if you use the services of the best boost team, after killing the boss you will receive from 12 to 20 items. It also happened that it was possible to dress the client’s character completely in 1 raid run! For this, you need to pay extra, of course, but it is worth it! Just imagine, you get everything for 1 raid run. Cool, damn it.

Buy Eternal Palace normal run service now!

Visit their website, choose from two services: full gear boost or bis gear boost. If you choose the first service, you will receive absolutely all the equipment that can be obtained by killing the boss. This will take 4-6 attempts. When choosing bis gear, the client clearly selects the items he wants to receive, makes a list. By the time it is 4-10 attempts.

What is the best service?

Full gear is the best choice. It saves your money and time, you just get all the items in the shortest possible time. However, if you want to get certain items you have – this is not a problem. The guys from the bestboost team will get you what you need.

In addition to the above, you will receive:

  • professional players who quickly get you what you need
  • they do not use illegal programs
  • everything can be recorded on video or stream to a Twitch or YouTube
  • a large number of positive reviews on, more than 100

Do not hesitate, rather go to the site of the bestboost team and wear your character on TOP gear. Battle awaits!

Also, you can order power leveling world of warcraft when you want here:

Get Adena Quickly

Adena or the currency in Lineage II Classic is useful for carrying out activities such as forging, level up, combine, salvage equipment. To be honest in Lineage 2, looking for adena is hard so you should not waste it wisely. When you read the article how to get adena I know if you are already done for very expensive level up equipment, buy up the level of runes that need it because there is a lot because sometimes one to three times it increases it fails to finish the adena name. How to get adena actually is really hard, you know, this is a new game, so there is still no policy about Adena dropping, it’s crazy to get the most monsters can get 1-40 adena, even though sometimes we do not get it at all.

Buy at a cash shop

The easiest way to get Skelth Adena is from the cash shop, there are many choices of adena packages that we want to buy, some of which start from 20,000 adena to 800,000 adena, here we can buy adena with red diamond. However, if I it’s better, just use Red Damond, because unfortunately it is hard to get the red diamond. But for you, the sultan doesn’t need to worry okay! Just stay top up. Do you know the shop cash where?

Daily Login

There are two daily logins, namely a daily login that once enters and plays Lineage II Classic for 1 hour if the absentee is absent, the prizes can vary up to 200,000 adena depending on how we diligently play, while those who play 1 hour can get 20,000 every day at 00.00 AM. How to see the daily login, click on the image, there are three lines, then click quest, search daily login.

Adena dungeon

There is lineage 2 eu classic skelth adena dungeons where we can get dungeons when defeating monsters (dragons), we can choose various levels of difficulty ranging from easy to hard. The more difficult the adena will be, the more it will be influenced by our rank level in completing the mission, for example the entry into the dungeon is easy and successfully defeating the dragon with the SSS rank can get 110,000 if the SS rank gets 78,000 adena. How to get to l2 classic eu adena Dungeon Click on line three, continue to select the dungeon, select Adena Dungeon.

Daily Activity

Daily activity is our activity that must be completed, there is an attractive reward from the mission given by the developer and one of them is adena, adena here may be around 1,000 to 10,000 adena but it is good for installments to get lineage 2 adena eu classic skelth.

Selling items

Selling items in this game according to I is not really worth it, the problem is the price is very small, if for those of you who need it, you can sell items that you have different item prices, depending on the rank of the item. Example of rank C items at 50 adena, rank B is at 100 adena, Rank A is valued at 500 adena, S rank is 2500 adena, rank R is valued at 12,500 adena, above is I do not know the problem does not have items.

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